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Welcome to Our Website and Our Neighborhood!

Petros Ghebre-Egziabher

In the heart of Del Ray, Alexandria, we serve artisanal, hand-crafted chocolates, confections, pastries, macarons, gelato, espresso and coffees. We love our neighborhood. We love sharing our passion.


We love being a place for people to gather. And, we love coffee! We’re a local, family-owned business. We’re proud to be your neighbors, and we’re proud to have you as our customers.

We Serve Quality ingredients, prepared by people who care: that’s what we do. Questions about our products? We’re always happy to chat.

Whether you’re starting the day, need an afternoon break, or just really need a cup of coffee or a dessert, let us serve you — it’s what we do best.

Dolce and Bean

Our  Confectionary Best Bestsellers

Some of our most popular confections below. Belgium Chocolates, Macaroons, Sweet Surprises!

To view all our products available for store pickup click here.